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    Also watching this project closely. Look forward to a local supplier of wixel sticks. And I can think of a few uses for the dmx modules.
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini for 2017

    Been away for a bit, but wondering if this progressed any further?
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 E1.31 pixel controller 2017 buy CLOSED

    Hi Darylc, Is there any chance of getting other falcon products thrown in the bag from the US? Thanks
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    Hi from Perth

    I can see its a slippery slope. Never realised that there were so many different ways of controlling the lights, and excitingly a lot of them are DIY. I notice a lot of people in Australia seem to be using Falcon controllers. Is there a reason for this or just what people started with?
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    Hi from Perth

    Hi everyone New to this and i think I have learnt all I can from lurking about. Looking forward to learning more and participating. Pryolights aka Andrew