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    Closed ACL strobe. Australian assembly and shipping payment

    They arrived in good nick in the UK ... payment on its way...
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    ACL LED Strobe Group Buy Interest Thread - Closing 22nd of April

    1 full kit 1 paste postage to ENGLAND.
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    Wanted - new project ideas!

    Not so sure super man. yes a major switch to LED, and a toe in the water with RGB, but I think most will stick to their low channels count arches, mega trees, (personally a lot of the RGB high channel shows I've seen video of are not as impressive as say a holdman display). Heck I've got a...
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    Wanted - new project ideas!

    Based upon peoples signatures, I suggest most people have less than , 512 channels. and for $100 how many channels would you expect...... ;D
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    Wanted - new project ideas!

    How about Vixen on a chip, well small standalone vixen controller , mp3 and shows on flash. Totally weather proof of course, just say 1 universe of dmx, for under $100 US....... ::)
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    Could this USB device drive a larger LED display?

    Sorry David, I never did get to open it up, I started, but I'm slightly ! manually dyslexic and it looked like the end result was going to be only fit to recycle.
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    Even flame throwers have gone RGB

    I was reading the details on its web site: Sunshine Multi Colored Flame System can shoot multi colored flame pillars upto 8~10m(27~33ft) high on demand. The system has five flame jets and each flame jet corresponds to each single tank(total 5 tanks). 10 liter of fluid can be charged into a...
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    What is a TigerSSR 16

    I take it this board is DEAD and BURIED After purchasing a Lynx freestyle to run my 240v lights in conjunction with the tiger SSR's, now it appears this species is extinct.... Is this the case? I know Phil is ill , otherwise my several messages would not go unanswered, but nobody else seems...
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    Hello from Phil

    As somebody who has had to completely change my life due to health, I think i can appreciate what you may be going through. All I can say is self and family first but If I'd know that this simple hobby could be as dangerous to ones health as this, I'd have gone for the lace making option...
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    A Hallo From Denmark

    Hi and Hello from England, I'm a complete newbies so I'm more likely to be asking than helping ;D Not a bad bunch here, they have helped with my questions. Ian
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    Could this USB device drive a larger LED display?

    I'll hit it tomorrow. I'm an optimistic pessimist
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    Could this USB device drive a larger LED display?

    So theory yes, but for a ham fisted bloke like me, highly unlikely...
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    Could this USB device drive a larger LED display?

    My daughter works for the company selling these : So she grabbed one, which I've purloined. Could the display be unscaled to drive a big version? Can hold six messages and handle basic graphics etc.
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    Plain coloured LED Strings

    I have to back up the statement that the Chinese are better with graphics than written words, in 1998 we had as part of a large consignment, some excellent rockets and all bits of the packaging were spot on, In our 1999 order, Millennium year!!!, we re-ordered. Most bits had specific...
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    DR4 RJ45 to xlr3

    So assuming the patch cable I'm using is correctly wired its Orange and white pin 1 to xlr pin 3 Orange pin 2 to xlr pin 2 , and brown and brown and white pins 7 and 8 to xlr pin 1. and if only 2 wires are used, the connection to pin1 on the xlr will be redundant and have no effect. and if...