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    Hi I can confirm WLED does work on this board and thank you its such great firmware I never knew existed
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    Ill Run some tests with WLED and let you know how I go but can't see any reason why it wouldn't work
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    Ok so for those interested this is not finished but along the lines of what it will be the bottom will have a fuse holder and in and out terminals. What it does that I have not seen others do. Reverse polarity protection Reverse Polarity Protection Operates anywhere from 5v to 24v Logic Level...
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    Sweet ill add some details over the weekend and images
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    Hi all I have been working on a bunch of stuff lately one of which is a ESPixelstick board that is 25mmx50mm will run from 5v to 24v comes ready to go Assembled with OTA firmware so you can flash what ever version you like and has logic level conversion and reverse polarity protection would this...
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    Holiday Coro Pixel net

    Hi all does anyone know is there anyone in Aus who manufactures something similar to this I don't want to pay crazy freight prices as i need a fair bit of it
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    Roof Line

    I have strings square nodes. do you have a picture of your roof?
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    Roof Line

    Hi Brains Trust im after ideas of how to attach a line of pixels to a roof line like the attached basically i just want a line down the centre how do you guys do it without taking out any roof screws ? Thanks
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    3D Printed Gutter Clips

    Done thanks mate
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    3D Printed Gutter Clips

    Hey Mate any chance you can share the original CAD file please? I would like to make some changes to suit my gutters
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    Question about usage of PixLite16's DMX in/out

    So can i expect to see Artnet on this new software version as well??? Please :P
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    CLAP T-Shirts

    Hi Guys I have found these awesome T-Shirts for all of us who have the CLAP get on board we need to order 100 in total and they will arrive before Christmas so come on get involved if you suffer from the CLAP[/size][size=11px] Thanks RADLX
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    Annoying Street Lights

    like a lot of people have said already if its a new area (10 years or so) then you will find most street poles have a panel on them you will need a special screwdriver but you can open it and most poles have a breaker or rcd inside them just switch it off and when you are done switch back on...
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    Brisbane/Qld Brisbane Mini 2012: June 16-17

    Count me in ill be there
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    DMX DIP Switch Setting Chart

    there is an iPhone APP called DipSwitch that will help you all its very easy to use