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    Falcons are now for sell at

    And F48V4 and receiver boards available?

    Comment by RAMJET on display video Circle of Life

    Amazing effort and the effects are unbelievable. Look forward to the behind the scenes video.

    Comment by RAMJET on display video YMCA (Christmas Version) by Furnace & the Fundamentals

    Mate, great video. Love your tune to sign. Any chance you can share the sequence for both the sing and sequence or do they come together? Cheers Roger

    Second year show time

    welcome to your new addiction, sorry club xD

    xLights sharing: sequences

    great short sequence, thanks for sharing

    Stepping down from the Moderator Team

    Ben, only just came across this post. You have been a pillar of strength and support to many over so many years including myself and if it wasn't for you I would have thrown in the towel. You will be sorely missed, your legacy will be live on with all you have assisted and offered advice to...

    Falcons are now for sell at

    anyone in Aus selling F8 distro?

    Bunnings enclosure - Ezy Storage Waterproof IP67 Storage Box - 18L

    how does the power connector system work? Looks great

    Sydney/NSW Sydney mini interest thread 2021

    Sounds great, pending on work and my boys sport commitments
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    Enclosure boxes - ideas to fit PixLite 16, 2x power supplies, fan & vents

    I use a kettle BBQ cover over the box to give some extra protection and reduces the water on the lid. There is plenty of space as I use the bigger 80l box. An overkill but seems to work ok. Great to see so many different variations and methods for storage
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    Enclosure boxes - ideas to fit PixLite 16, 2x power supplies, fan & vents

    Hi Junior, I use Advatek Long Range MkII controllers in a box slightly larger than NoJoy linked to from Bunnings for $32, see pictures. Hope this helps
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    Would like help on best place to order meanwell power supplies for australia.

    get mine from Advatek Lighting in VIC I get the RSP320, great PSU, get Express post next day mostly. $99.95 ex GST before delivery
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    Build guide My Mega Tree

    great job, excellent pdf explaining how you did it, well done
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    Required one USB485-HS High Speed Serial Adapter

    do you have a picture? I've got some USB LOR adapters that I don't use, not sure if they are the same. If they work you can have them. Give me a buzz 0411277582