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    Back to shipping 1 day a week

    Stay Safe I can wait a few day for my stuff. Not every state isn't lucky enough to have Mark as their Premier
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    Hello from Regional WA

    @David.power Welcome to the hobby PM me with some contact infor and we can meet up I'm in Geradlton Richard Newton Rd Lights
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    3D printers, March 2020

    Ministry of Finance aka misses has approved the purchase :) I'm planing on setting it up to just do just PETG I had no luck with PETG with either CR10's
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    3D printers, March 2020

    I have a CR10s and CR10s Pro V1.5 I say 1.5 as the upgrade I made with the BLtouch and Bondtec extruder makes it like a V2. I also ordered a CR6 Max on creativity kickstark campaign.
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    Online Expo - Easter 2020 - self isolation style

    Great Idea, Im currently in self isolation due to returning from overseas Looks like its going to be a good weekend.
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 buy

    Hi Daryl Can I get 15 Smart Receivers please Cheers Richard
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    In Mandatory Self Isolation

    In Mandatory Self Isolation
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    USB powerbank 5V 4.8A 20000mAh $41 delivered @ Amazon AU until 5pm (Expired)

    Looks like a good deal Would only let me get one
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    3.6m Santa

    Geraldton is known for its wind surfing Need I say more!
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    Smart Power Plugs

    Wardriving Wow did some of that for a paper in my Master in Digital Forensics course. Reading that word brings back memory of driving at 5-10 KPH up and down all the streets in my city.
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    3D printed Boscoyo Snowflake mounts

    Do you still need these?
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2019 June 16th

    I wanted to echo my Thanks to Deb and Gareth for being such great host for the the event, Thanks to Cranzy and Tony for the work you did and Thank you to the Sponsors for supporting the mini. I have to say it was well worth the 5 hour drive each way! Again thank you very much
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2019 June 16th

    Ɠαяєтн Just curious, where would be the best place to park?
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2019 June 16th

    Hi All My wife would like to come to help me with the drive on the way back she do not like to idea of me making a 5 hour drive back by myself at night, but has no real interest in the lights, Ɠαяєтн Do you have a quiet corner she can camp in (she would just relax, read and listen to her...
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2019 June 16th

    I would Like to add my name