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    LOR CCR alternative

    WOW! thanks for all that info. That will definitely give me a starting point. thanks again.
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    LOR CCR alternative

    Thank you for the response. Obviously, I'm not planning on doing anything this year. But want to start heading in this direction. I've watched all of your videos on this, but still left me with lots of questions. I'll keep reading up and learning as I go. I understand there is a big...
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    LOR CCR alternative

    Is there a quick easy answer to this? I'm looking for a RGB alternative to the LOR CCR. I want to the strips to look like and do all the same stuff. But I think LOR's $250 per unit is ridiculus. It looks to me that there are many cheaper options out there. I can read through all these topics...
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    Hello from Palm Bay, Florida

    Just wanted to say "Howdy". This will be my second year doing a LOR show. My first year was a huge sucess. I won't be adding much to the show this year, but I am going to spend most of my time making my sequences better. I will be going from 64 channels to 96, adding 2 spiral trees.