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  1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Hi-5

    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Hi-5 (2019)

  2. Heaven by Avicii

    Heaven by Avicii (2019)

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    Hey , From Perth Aus

    Hi Ash, Lots of good advice has already been given, Alan's analysis of my display is pretty much spot on ;) In 2018 I had about 1600 pixels, so 4800 channels roughly. The pixel strip is all 12v 10 pixel/30 led per metre, with 3.4m per arch. I also cannot recommend xLights highly enough, it's...
  4. Avicii Mashup by Avicii

    Avicii Mashup by Avicii (2018)

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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Unfortunately that exceeds my current soldering abilities without risking damage :( Although, I did manage to swap the capacitors and as expected it made no difference. Thanks for the help anyway. P.S - I didn't mean to hijack this thread, I just thought because OP and I have what appears to be...
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Ok, I thought that may be the case. So there's nothing really that can be done as the memory is probably stored somewhere in the IC?
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Just two wires which can be seen in the below image and the connections to the in/out wires https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByyR4f81A5P9cG4tREFGSDA2LWc Interesting. The controller in the video was different, do you believe a similar thing could work for this controller? Would something like...
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    So I tested the controllers this morning and the green one showed a voltage of 0.004v if I'm reading it correctly. The white controller had 0.001 and flickered to 0 every so often. Would it be worth swapping the capacitor?
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Ok. I measured both powered off. The white one drops in power and then jumps up again. Eg. may drop to 0.02v then will jump to 0.2 and start going down again before jumping up again. EDIT: After it jumps a few times it stops and then slowly goes down to <0.005 The green one just seems to...
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Just measured the capacitor on both while powered. Memory controller (white) - 5.25v No Memory (green) - 5.13v Do you mean after the initial power up and should be powered off for the following tests? If so, I noticed when I measure the voltage while powered off the power is drained while...
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Wow fast responses haha. Nope, can't see any markings on IC or C1. I should point out that I only have a tiny bit of experience with electronics and with soldering however I will have a shot if you think it's worth it. If I swap the capacitors to test should I add the resistor at r2? I can also...
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    DM-K1.6 bypass / replace?

    Hello, I have also picked up some lights with what appears to be the same controller which lacks the ability to recall the last setting after power loss - something that may be useful for OP and I. :) However, I have another set from the previous year with the same controller and it does hold...