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    Some not so good news really

    Damn nobody wants this id take if i had the cash
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    Hello from Mount Isa NW Queensland

    Welcome to ACL
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    Microsoft customer support

    Tell them you have the wrong number they have called Apple Support
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    P12r won't connect

    its there
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    P12r won't connect

    tried diff cables same pinged no packets lost
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    P12r won't connect

    Was working fine friday night went to test last night wouldn't connect nothings changed tried with forced ip , forced ip and bootloader nothing , heart beat is fine no blown fuses tried with and nothing im at a loss board is P12x Rev 1.2...
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    Just found these great stars

    hmmmmmmmmm really want a star for tree
  8. Tigion Led Merry Christmas sign

    great now i have no sign for x mass
  9. Tigion Led Merry Christmas sign

    im so confused plugback DC ? it has a transformer maybe i should take more pics of it
  10. Tigion Led Merry Christmas sign

    want to convert this to dc these are the specs input 240v AC 50hz output 36v Max 15.6VA Bulb Raiting 3v 20ma 0.06w Total Wattage 14 w there seems to be a controller that makes it shimmer if i cut it before controller will it still shimmer or will i still have just on and off
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    Hello all Very excited to join this forum as i have now taken ownership of Henedce set up I have some experience with electronics and i'm very computer literate Have already started playing with the HLS program Cant wait for Christmas time to roll around ;D