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    Anyone want to share a Frozen sequence?

    Hello, If anyone can send me a copy of this sequence it would be appreciated.... I have a couple of young nieces that will love it and it is my first time with the LOR gear. 48 Channels with some RGB strips .. Cheers....
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    Season's Greetings

    Hi All, Just purchased a LOR starter kit for the lights that we currently have ... Looking to make our christmas lights display bigger and better. Have been doing static display for some time but getting bored with them and really want to get it pumping... There seems to be some really...
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    How can I cut down on the number of plug packs

    Hi, I am also looking to reduce the amount of powerpack around the different areas of the house. I Have brought some figure 8 cable and I lent a 24V DC powersupply from a friend for this year... I noticed that all my little power packs have the AC Symbol... will there be any concern running...