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    RIP ‘Wiggy’

    I had one do the same thing back in the incandescent days inside a SSR box. 240V must have tasted nice!. Like you I had a RCD on that box.
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    Finding my way

    Take a few photo's of your place. Play around with xlights. Sit out front and imagine what you want to do. Then plan what your going to need, then make multiple trips to bunnings and other hardware stores. xD
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    Comment by vk3heg on display video Standalone animation

    Very well done, with imagination and a great show!
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    Imported Sequence Problem

    You can have multiple faces on a prop. My matrix has four, Megga Tree three, P10 Matrix has three. They just have to have different names. Then the sequence has the name of the face to use for that sequence. It works like magic!
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    The google drive access has changed. Use:
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    Comment by vk3heg on display video xmas show

    Well done for your first year... Next year you will want to add more!
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    Does anyone have any kid's based sequences to share? (I've looked through the google drive.. Way to many to go through). I have these already and want to mix in some new ones. 1. Disco Santa (New for this year). 2. Bluey Theme song. 3. Kermit the Frog's have yourself a merry little Christmas...
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    First timer ideas and tips

    You might want to use cable glands on the control box. They serve to stop two things: 1: Bugs getting in. 2: Water getting in. and 3rd: Cables being pulled out of sockets. 🤬
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    HELP!! Which cables do I need? (+ A diagram)

    I use extension cables, but don't use the plugs/sockets, I make sure that the 240V stuff is Yellow, and the 5/12v is White/Grey. Easy way to tell the difference, and the Yellow is really only going into the control box's. Add to clarify: I'm referring to the whole extension lead, not the...
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    Mounting Candy Cane and Mini Trees in the Garden

    I used 5-6mm Aluminium tubing zip tied to the prop, and then a steal rod inserted into the ground. The prop was then slid over the rod.
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    First pixel comes on right away

    I have a pixel in my setup that comes on and is blue, even when no data is being sent. Once the sequence or data is sent it behaves correctly.
  12. Polar Express mashup.

    Polar Express mashup. (2020)

  13. Your a mean one Mr Grinch by Small Town Titans

    Your a mean one Mr Grinch by Small Town Titans (2020)

    Due to video issues, this is taken directly from XLights.
  14. Let It Go by Frozen

    Let It Go by Frozen (2020)

    Due to video issues, this is direct from XLights.