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  1. Wizard

    Hello from Saskatchewan Canada

    Welcome from the deep freeze. 60 kms hmmm Bigger ? wakaw ?
  2. Wizard

    P10 Panels and Power draw

    I do not have any p10's at this point. but I also see power coming through ribbon cable. 5 volts approx 1.75 amps. My p6 and p3 panels also light up with no power connected.
  3. Wizard

    Monitoring 3D Prints

    well my 2 cents is one good PTZ camera in the shed should let you look at everything to the extreme my PTZ can read the writing on a coin at 40 meters, and most better PTZ have onboad storage for video to limit bandwidth.
  4. Wizard

    Santa/Siri Intro

    me too please
  5. Wizard

    J1 Sys ECG-D4 HELP no output

    does anyone know where the jumper settings should be? no dmx output at all 1&2 = reset to factory defautls no passoword what should they be at? thanks mike
  6. Wizard

    Nice Example of what can be done

    I have an 8 universe usb to dmx dongle for madirx for sale if anyone is interested
  7. Wizard

    ACL 1000th member