1. The Bald Boy

    Air seeder supplier on ebay (arches etc)

    Hi all, I found some air seeder hose from a link provided in another post – these are going to be for arches I will make. I actually rang the company to find out about cost and freight. Freight hurt - $90 to get it to Newcastle – ordered it 1/11/18 should be here by Tuesday next week at the...
  2. LawrenceDriveLights

    Lawrence Drive Lights - Arch Build (Air Seeder Tubing with Square Pixel Nodes)

    I was looking at the various ways everyone was doing arches from bending conduit into a arch and using cable ties to attach strip or pixel nodes, using PEX tubing (or air seeder tubing) with strip inside or even using coro cut into arch shapes and attached to conduit etc. I decided I wanted the...
  3. kevr

    Air Seeder Hose in New Zealand?

    Can anyone give me an idea of the size of the package for the Air Seeder LDPE Hose 32mm x 38mm? To expensive to ship so I'm thinking...
  4. cdjazman

    Build guide My Leaping Arch build with LDPE air seeder tube

    Firstly thanks to @DavidJ247, @djgra79, @mccar (and anyone I have forgotten.) for all your input and help with the arches. Mix of ideas and constructive criticism/advice….. :):):):p:laugh: I will attach a spreadsheet with the breakdown of the cost but - *spoiler alert* - each arch cost me...
  5. Goliath

    Air-seeder pipe arch.

    I bought a roll of the smaller 25mm internal diameter air-seeder hose mentioned in these threads. First arch testing now. Not sure how they will hold up, may be better with the larger size. Pixels inside is 2.5 m 2811 strip. The "hotspots" show through, even though the back of the strip is...