1. L

    Starting the basics and need a point in the right direction

    Hi, first time poster and looking to start the light show worm hole in 2024, I currently have a large stock of Bunnings style 2 wire string lights and am waiting to have some of these incorporated in the first year. I have been looking at / recommended the Hansen Electronics Dmx2-24 Ready to...
  2. Mark_M

    2022 Bunnings copper wire seed pixels

    THESE ARE NOT PIXELS.... I bought some to test and they are driven as a 3ch H-Bridge. I went for a trip to Bunnings today. In the recent years they have brought out more offerings of 'smart' lights. From standard LED strings with a WiFi plug multi-function controller to these seemingly pixels...
  3. Dreamin

    First attempt at leaping arches

    Hi Everyone. I bought a house load of lights and the previous owner had some window frames with strips that I can't use. I have no windows visible from the road. I thought I would convert them to leaping arches. I looked at all the materials people are using, and can't find air seeder hose...
  4. denno020

    Bunnings Solar Ball Lights - $4 (Seaford Meadows Bunnings)

    Just saw these at my local Bunnings, were $8, now $4. The solar panel/lights/battery all screws off completely, very easily, so these globes would be perfect for decorations. I'm going to say the ball is roughly 20cm in diameter, very good size! I purchased 4, however after getting home and...
  5. denno020

    Where to source "fairy" LED strings?

    Last year I bought a bunch of boxes of Vue LED strings from Myer in their post Christmas discount period, but this year it's looking like there might not be much left over.. Does anyone know where Myer, Big W, Bunnings etc all source their lights from? I'm specifically looking for the 2-wire...