1. T

    Xschedule error with channels

    Hi, I am in process of troubleshooting a stutter in my show when I found the Check Schedule tool in Xschedule. When I run it I get the following errors. There are 3 sequences in this playlist that are not throwing this error. The sequence do not have any errors when I check them in Xlights...
  2. Mischka

    Mini Tree Wiring across Ports

    Hi Everyone, Another quick question in regards to Channels that flow across Ports. I've got my F16v3 (Awesome piece of kit too!!) and I've got 6 Mini Trees (100Nodes per tree) they start on Port 2 - Universe 3 - Channel 1021 and finish on Port 3 - Universe 6 - Channel 2820. So the first two...