christmas lights

  1. J

    I can't find these Xmas lights anywhere! Need help...

    Hi, New here. I was hoping for some insight on where to find these Xmas lights. What I am looking for: Multi color (Red Green Yellow Orange Blue) Mini string Incandescent Without Pink and Purple. (IMHO those colors don't belong in Xmas but in Halloween and Valentines day) In other words...
  2. J

    Something a Bit Different

    Its been a while since I have posted on here, but as many of you know I have run a public light display in Canberra for about 8 years or so. In 2019, I decided to have a break in 2020 as the display had become quite popular here (averaging over 50,000 visitors in the December month from...
  3. QLDKing(Brad)

    School bus Christmas light show

    This just came up on my YouTube recommended. Different for sure. “All school busses are connected together through dmx channel relay boards.” View:
  4. QLDKing(Brad)

    2018 Display Planning - On Hold

    It's March - time to start planning the new additions to the display for 2018. I was happy with the way the display ended up in 2017 for a first-year effort. Some areas that I need to improve on (wiring for starters) and just some slight changes to the existing items. Whats new for 2018? Making...
  5. Narre Lights 2017 Behind the Scenes

    Narre Lights 2017 Behind the Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the new additions to the Narre Lights Christmas light show for 2017.
  6. Narre Lights 2016 Walkthrough

    Narre Lights 2016 Walkthrough

    Behind the scenes of our first year computerised/sequenced light show.