1. Garage icicles

    Garage icicles

    Made from 5mm corflute and 25mm conduit from Bunnings. Holes were punched by a hot circle punch, this melted the edges which helped with rigidity. This was made to align 12v regulated Ray Wu icicles to a grid for text and other effects.
  2. NTKing(Brad)

    Looking for corflute?

    Looking for corflute? Just a reminder that the election is coming up. Contact the candidates in advance, explain what you need it for. In my dealings they were happy to give me some. I was happy with the damaged ones (such as bent corners etc) as I cut that out of my design. Something else to...
  3. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Prop Building Materials

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Prop Building Materials

    Presented by TByrne. Materials you can use to build props (elements) that you can put lights in or attach lights to. From wireframes to corflute (coro), 3d printed things and more.
  4. Adelaide Mini 2016 - Singing Faces

    Adelaide Mini 2016 - Singing Faces

    Presented by Fing for the Adelaide Mini 2016 - Day 1. How to build Singing Faces with coro and then sequence them in xLights 4.