1. solipsistic_journey

    Bypassing Transformer Portion of a Multifunction 3 Wire LED Module

    I’ve read the threads regarding bypassing the flashing module on the E248402 Circuit (JT-EL/FC31V3.6W-E CZJUTAI and similar controllers. What I would like to do is take advantage of the control/flashing side and connect a 12VDC power supply and connect the lights, which are 12VDC. Can I just...
  2. JCooper

    Help! Beaglebone with HE123 flashing all lights

    Hi legends. I have a Hanson HE123 with a Beaglebone black. Everything was running smoothly until yesterday, when all the lights went flashing (glitchy flashing). The only thing i had done differently was let it run all day as the BBB has a issue booting sometimes. I thought it might have been...