fpp 6.3

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    BeagleBone Black playing videos or Rasperry Pi 4 to work with Hanson ME

    Hi All, I am really struggling with getting the HDMI (mini HDMI) output of the BeagleBone black to work with FPP. I have the FPP bootup info on the HDMI so I know the connection is working but it will not show within FPP as a HDMI output device I have the media files all linked and play when...
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    HE123Mk2 + FPP 6.3 Licensing

    Hey, Not sure where to post this - apologies if there is a more suitable place. Just setup my HE123Mk2 and installed FPP 6.3 on the SD card. All was well. Have read the copious amounts relating to the licensing and purchased a 48 port license and got the key. So far, so good. In the FPP 6.3...