happy new year

  1. Mark_M

    First post of 2024

    Happy New year AusChristmasLighting members! As midnight approached I lifted my left leg off the ground, so I could start the year off on the right foot. Congratulations to everyone who has joined this hobby. You can now say to your loved one that you have 'the CLAP'..... not that clap... the...
  2. Mark_M

    First new years post of 2023

    As midnight approached I stood up and lifted my left leg off the ground, just to start the year off on the right foot. Happy New Year AusChristmasLighting!
  3. Mark_M

    Cheers to you lot! - My 1 year anniversary.

    And for my 100th post I’ve left it to my anniversary on this site. Cheers to you lot for somehow putting up with me! Within these last 365 days I’ve sent money over to a stranger named @darylc in the hope of getting a Falcon board, he didn’t run away with my money and I got one :D . Thankyou...
  4. QLDKing(Brad)

    Dual purpose Merry Christmas/Happy New Year sign

    Wondering if anyone has built a dual purpose MC/HNY sign for the display? Looking it at some of the letters are close (M and H can use the sides with a - for the H, etc) so they could be used for both signs. If you have built one, any challenges etc? I already have a frame for Merry Christmas...