1. Johnnyboy

    2023 Journey - First display for JohnnyBoy

    Hi All, About time I created a post with all that i have learnt so far and how my journey is unfolding. In 2022 i got into the Christmas spirit buying a bunch of standard led lights and ornaments and decorated the back yard. Then in the Boxing day sales this evolved into buying more lights and...
  2. How to Second Layout in xLights

    How to Second Layout in xLights

    Finally went true the documentation process of how to properly create a second layout in xLights and still use all my controllers ports and channels. It's pretty simple. Instructions also point how to change your permanent show folder and some organizational tips.
  3. B

    Answered Cannot create groups

    Have just downloaded Xlights Ver 2018,15 64 bit and trying to create new sequence. Have Done setuo. Then in Layout created a number of models. Created a very simple animation sequence. Now to do some grouping. Back to layout and right click on Model/Group in top row. Nothing happens. Is there...
  4. B

    xLights Show Layout Part 2

    Hi Platinum Members! I have finished xLights Show Layout Part 2. Brace yourself - This video is just over an hour and has a lot of content but don't worry. I had a lot of coffee. There will be a Part 3 to complete the series. If you are not a member already and would like to try out the...
  5. XLights 4 Webinar series: Layout and built-in models

    XLights 4 Webinar series: Layout and built-in models

    keithsw1111 demonstrates the xLights 4 layout interface and the included built-in models.