1. Pooch

    Lighting novice

    Hi everyone , in my long search for information on Christmas lighting I have finally found this forum and I'm eager to get started. As someone who only changes the light bulbs at home when they blow, I think my plans are above my capabilities and would appreciate any info to get me started...
  2. A

    Connecting Standard Fairy Lights to Light-o-Rama System

    Hello, I currently have a Christmas display, however Next year I'm looking into connecting my already existing lighting display to the Light-o-Rama Lighting control system. I am currently using multiple strings of RGB Fairy Lighting (from memory dumbRGB). I was wondering if it was possible to...
  3. bluzervic

    Da Pixel Blues

    A small Blues song to help you all along the way to putting up your 2017 shows Da Pixel Blues well its raining on my pixels.... all of my Power supplies are down yea its raining on my pixels.... all of my Power supplies are down if it does not stop raining wont matter if xlights is around...
  4. videoman3857

    Answered RGBO strings and CMB16 controller

    Hi All, Just a quick question. I have several strings of 4 colour Candle LEDS - each a separate run of Red, Green, Blue and Orange. I have a spare CMB16 lor controller and I want to control the light colours independently to each other. This board has 16 channels with + and - for each...