1. SmartAlecLights

    Been Having fun with my 10m Seed Matrix

    Since everyone have been having issue's with seed's. I thought it was about time to show off, how well they can really work. Yes, I had many faulty seeds, but only during the build, (cable tied too hard, soldered while they were on) stupid mistakes really. An being that every up/down is...
  2. Grievous8

    2048 matrix issues

    Hi all my first attempt at this i went big but i cant get it to run, i have a he123mk i set up matrix in two with two inputs i used scrap wire to test injection i got it working i bought wire which came thicker than i thought and i bought a fuse board plugged it in and nothing but first line...
  3. thepunisher

    Matrix project in progress

    Working on a new matrix and trying to decide how much to let my OCD govern placement and the amount of strips that I will use. Currently it is at 10 strips of 90 LEDs, but at 3.33cm width and 3.33cm height, it doesn't create a very big matrix. At double (6.66cm), some of the text and effects...
  4. Tink

    Matrix and Holidaycoro vs Boscoro

    For large matrices (e.g. 32x32, 32x64, 64x64) I am wondering which is more flexible? I used HolidayCoro mesh on two 806 pixel matrix panels and rolling them up for storage leaves them in a much larger roll than I was hoping for; it is also very painful inserting nodes. I have two more to build...
  5. Garage icicles

    Garage icicles

    Made from 5mm corflute and 25mm conduit from Bunnings. Holes were punched by a hot circle punch, this melted the edges which helped with rigidity. This was made to align 12v regulated Ray Wu icicles to a grid for text and other effects.
  6. C

    Newbie- fpp programming for matrix display among other q’s

    Hi Guys, new poster here! Writing from Christchurch New Zealand. Looking to expand our display this year by adding in a pixel matrix to our scenery. Excuse the nebie post and apologies if anything has been asked before or seems a little left fold. If anything has been asked before, if you could...
  7. Derf

    Lyson End of August LED Panel Sale

    Hi All, If anyone is looking for a good price on LED Panels Lyson Optoelectronics currently has a promotion sale going on from now until the end of August. P5 indoor smd full color led module (1/16 scan) 64x32 Pixels (320mm x 160mm) are currently going for $8USD each plus shipping. 5A-75B...
  8. D

    Hello from Geelong, Australia

    Howdy folks! This is my second year only of putting up lights, but the first year to attempt computer controlled light shows. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, running Falcon Pi Player to hopefully control a SanDevices E682 currently being shipped, a MeanWell 12V/29Amp power supply (LRS-350-12)...
  9. XLights 4 Webinar: Singing faces

    XLights 4 Webinar: Singing faces

    From 2016: keithsw1111 walks through how to set up and sequence singing faces in xLights 4
  10. Sydney Mini 2017 - P10 LED Panel Matrix

    Sydney Mini 2017 - P10 LED Panel Matrix

    Presented by lithgowlights. Considerations when ordering from AliExpress suppliers, other types panel types, etc
  11. Sydney Mini 2016 - Matrix P10 Panels

    Sydney Mini 2016 - Matrix P10 Panels

    Presented by BradsXmasLights for the 2016 Sydney Mini.
  12. Adelaide Mini 2016 - P10 panel alternatives & limitations

    Adelaide Mini 2016 - P10 panel alternatives & limitations

    Presented by darylc for the Adelaide Mini 2016 - Day 1. LED panels such as the P10s have become a popular choice for a matrix. But they do have some limitati...
  13. Adelaide Mini 2015 - BeagleBone Black as a controller

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - BeagleBone Black as a controller

    Presented by darylc for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 1. Uses for the BeagleBone Black as a controller, particularly to drive a P10 panel matrix with the Octoscroller cape