pixel matrix

  1. E

    Matrix Issue

    I put together a matrix of 768 pixels I'm injecting power 4 times across the matrix. My issue is that two times now, I had a strand of lights go bad at about the same location (not sure, might be the exact same location) The bottom portion (where the signal comes in) is still working, but the...
  2. Dez

    Please help with my calculations!

    Hi, I am wanting to create a pixel matrix which will be 1200mm x 1200mm and the I will be using WS2811 bullet pixels from Ray Wu spaced at 50mm apart. I am having some trouble working out how to calculate how many power supplies I will require. I am almost 100% confident that my calculations...
  3. Dez

    Pixel spacings for Displays

    Hi Guys, I am planning on making a pixel matrix to go on my house which will be 1400mm wide x 1500mm high. It will be around 9-10 metres from the road. I was thinking of spacing the pixels at 50mm apart. Is this normal practise or can you share what you have done on various other displays??