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    Is it worth importing props?

    Hey guys, I’m just looking at ordering props for a new display and wondering what every one else has found to be the best way. With shipping cost from US seems to be extreme. Eg (Boscoyo 3 x snow flakes $115) has people found it feasible to get them built locally /or make yourself? Or is it...
  2. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Prop Building Materials

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Prop Building Materials

    Presented by TByrne. Materials you can use to build props (elements) that you can put lights in or attach lights to. From wireframes to corflute (coro), 3d printed things and more.
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    New Boscoyo Studios 100 Node Black Widow

    Check out the new Boscoyo Black Widow with 100 nodes of frightful delightful creepiness! This will crawl its way to Boscoyo Studios in a timely manor. Ohhh Ha ha Ha Ha..... It will also include the Model to import with 12 Submodels so you can bring to life freakishly cleaver effects. View...