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    DMX512 -- Single-line 512 transmission technology innovation

    The DMX512 protocol is a data dimming protocol proposed by the United States Stage Lighting Association (USITT). It provides a protocol standard for communication between lighting controllers and lighting equipment. Since it was proposed in 1990, the full name of the protocol is It is...
  2. How to Second Layout in xLights

    How to Second Layout in xLights

    Finally went true the documentation process of how to properly create a second layout in xLights and still use all my controllers ports and channels. It's pretty simple. Instructions also point how to change your permanent show folder and some organizational tips.
  3. RGB Blinding Lights

    RGB Blinding Lights

    #jorgeBolivar Our RGB pixels displaying one of the season favorites. Our RGB display has around 4900 RGB pixels on various props. We hope our efforts helps t...