1. L

    Controlling multiple addressable strips without BBB Cape

    Hi! I am brand new to this forum, so if I am stepping out of line by posting this question please let me know and feel free to point me in the right direction of existing threads. I have been tasked with a rather unique project involving wearable led displays. Essentially, I need to be able...
  2. Tink

    Matrix and Holidaycoro vs Boscoro

    For large matrices (e.g. 32x32, 32x64, 64x64) I am wondering which is more flexible? I used HolidayCoro mesh on two 806 pixel matrix panels and rolling them up for storage leaves them in a much larger roll than I was hoping for; it is also very painful inserting nodes. I have two more to build...
  3. JulianLights

    Ws2812 5v vs 12v

    Hi all Recently joined this forum and making my first post. This will also be my first year using pixels on my house so am currently going through a very steep learning curve! I am looking to outline the house, including gutter/fascia, roof line and windows. I am planning to use strip due to...
  4. J

    whats better strip or nodes for roof outline

    hey guys just wondering what would look better and be easier to put on my roof... nodes or strips and wondering how you guys have secured your lights on your roof outlines? as i cannot put holes in my roof because its colorbond so cannot drill :( any help and advice would be greatly...