1. MasterGM2

    How to do WLED Projection/Stream

    Hey everyone, I've got a setup with six 2x16 and sixteen 16x16 LED panels connected to a WLED ESP32, and they work like a charm for video playback using xLights and similar applications. However, I'm currently facing a challenge. I want to send a stream, say from OBS or an RTSP source, to...
  2. Programmable LED tunnel - Fireworks

    Programmable LED tunnel - Fireworks

    Testing my customer LED Tunnel with built-in WLED effect (Fireworks)
  3. Programmable LED tunnel - Tetris

    Programmable LED tunnel - Tetris

    Testing a built in WLED effect (Tertix) for my new LED Tunnel
  4. B6AAED9D-CE84-4C61-B59B-35D2C61FD22F.jpeg


    How The leveler shifter connection were done.