[Complete] Site Outage 22 June 2018 - Server Migration


Senior elf
Jun 30, 2010
Adelaide, Australia
NOTICE OF PLANNED SITE OUTAGE - Site migration to different server provider

As announced in the THANK YOU Harrison topic, AusChristmasLighting is moving over to a new server location. This will result in the site becoming unavailable for a period of time.

When will the site outage start?
Tomorrow afternoon/evening, Friday 22nd June, the site will be placed into maintenance mode and all areas including forums, chat, and wiki will become unavailable.

Prior to this, a partial site outage will commence late this evening (Thursday) or early tomorrow morning (Friday) and should only affect uploading files to the site, such as:
  • new photos and/or videos in the media gallery
  • new forum attachments
  • changing your avatar
  • uploading local images to chat
How long will the site be unavailable?
The new server location could be up and running in as few as a couple of hours after the migration begins. However, you may experience a longer outage depending on which DNS your internet connection is using (typically your ISP or Google's DNS). It could take up to 8 hours (or sometimes even 48 hours) for changes to apply to some DNS providers.

Once the site does go into maintenace mode, I will provide an alternate URL to the new AusChristmasLighting location. You'll be able to use this URL to access the new AusChristmasLighting location should the regular .com domain take longer to update through your internet connection.

What can I do during the outage?
How about some sequencing? ;)