Tones and I Dance Monkey - Combined video of members displays


Senior elf
Dec 28, 2016
Albany Creek
Finally had a chance to catch back up on this one.

Firstly, to @drakky and @Stkilda123 - apologies for the wrong location details. Checked the final edit a few times, but was trying to do a few other things at the same time and just missed the errors.

To everyone - thanks for getting behind this. I had fun editing the video, and it was great watching everyone's displays and the differences that makes every display unique and fantastic. I think I have just stopped humming the song. I have shared the video in a few different locations and the feedback from viewers is positive. Some are even asking questions about specific displays.

Looking forward to seeing what the choice is for 2020. Hopefully I can add my display to the video this year. :)