Walk around of display

Whilst only having a few Arduino's running stuff, hopefully this is fairly unique display. If you like, please consider voting for us in the annual competition. https://xmaslightstrail.synergy.net.
  1. Hey Jim, your competition link appears to be wrong. Should it be https://xmaslightstrail.synergy.net.au/ ?
    Sorry, didn't have preferences set to see these messages. Have updated display and moved Star Wars to the shed and replaced with a new theme. You can see updated display at
    View: https://youtu.be/O--gYRMpxEA
    You probably right with the link but comp has ended. Have entered in the Chanel 7 comp. Not sure if will get into top 10 or not. Will see tomorrow. https://7news.com.au/entertainment/competitions/7news-and-alinta-energy-light-up-christmas-c-4753279