The APC736 DMX splitter features fully isolated input and outputs. It is ideal for installations where equipment have different ground potentials. (ground loops) Being isolated, electrical fault currents are far less likely to propagate to other parts on the DMX network.

The sales and support thread can be found [http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1838.0.html here].


* Isolated DMX input (with loop output)
* Selectable termination on DMX input
* Four independently isolated DMX outputs
* RJ45 DMX connectors (ESTA standard pinout)
* 12-36V DC power input
* Reverse polarity protection
* Power LED
* All chips in sockets for easy servicing
* PCB size is 80mm x 88mm
* Supplied fully built and tested

==DC Input==
Feed DC (12-36V) into the 2 pin green terminal block. The polarity is marked on the PCB.

==DMX Input==
There are two RJ45 connectors for DMX input / through. They are wired in parallel so it makes no difference which one is used as input. The RJ45 pinout is per the ESTA standard with the addition of pins 4+5 being connected together to allow use in [[P-DMX]] systems.

The termination ("TERM") jumper is next to the RJ45 sockets. Leave this jumper on if the board is the last (or only) one in the wiring chain (only one socket used). Remove it if the board is in the middle of the wiring chain (both sockets used).

==DMX Outputs==

There is a small green LED on the PCB. It indicates the presence of the 5V regulated supply.

[[Image: APC736.jpg]]

* [[Connector Pinouts]]
* [[P-DMX]]

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