The APC756 is a simple non-isolated 4 output DMX splitter with input loop through.


* DMX input (with loop output)
* Four DMX outputs
* RJ45 DMX connectors (ESTA standard pinout)
* 12-36V DC power input
* Reverse polarity protection
* Power LED
* All chips in sockets for easy servicing
* PCB size is 35mm x 102mm
* Supplied fully built and tested

==DC Input==
Feed DC (12-36V) into the 2 pin green terminal block. The polarity is marked on the PCB.

==DMX Input==
There are two RJ45 connectors for DMX input / through. They are wired in parallel so it makes no difference which one is used as input. The RJ45 pinout is per the ESTA standard with the addition of pins 4+5 being connected together to allow use in [[P-DMX]] systems.

There is a small green LED on the PCB. It indicates the presence of the 5V regulated supply.

[[Image: APC756.jpg]]

[[File:PC756A Schematic.pdf]]

* [[Connector Pinouts]]
* [[P-DMX]]

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