DMX Address Writer AT3031


To set the start address on some DMX controlled products, you'll need the AT3031 DMX Address Writer which can be bought from Ray Wu.


Cut the ribbon connector supplied with the programmer and connect the 3 wires to the right of the programmer to GND, DMX+ and DMX- (there is a label on the back of the programmer). You don't need to connect the SOUT or NC wires.


  • Install 3 AA batteries in the AT3031
  • Turn on the programmer (leave the 4 dip switches at 0). It will show some numbers on the display (like "1-7-2") for a moment, then go to "-0-"
  • Press the FUNC button until 2 is displayed in the left of the display
  • Use the UP/DOWN keys to select the DMX start channel. You need to choose a number one below the desired DMX start channel
  • Press the ACTION button. The display will show "-0-"
  • Press the ACTION button again. The display will show "3no5o" if successful or "InodA" if not
  • The flood may react to this with a couple colour changes when programmed successfully
  • Disconnect the programmer from the DMX controller
  • Repeat from step 3 to program more. The programmer will auto increment the address by 3 each time

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