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This page runs though some of the wiki bbcodes available to you during editing.

Basic Formatting

The wiki uses the same editor as the forum. In the default (rich text) editing mode, basic formatting like bold, italic, underline, font colours and sizes, and hyperlinks all render directly inside the editor while editing.
[URL][/URL] or [URL=]Find it on Google[/URL]
Hotkeys: Ctrl+B will bold selected text, Ctrl+I will make text italic, and Ctrl+U will underline selected text.


Unordered and ordered lists also display directly inside the editor
  • Unordered
  • list
    • With unordered nesting
  1. Ordered
  2. list
    1. With ordered nesting
  1. Ordered
  2. list
    • With unordered nesting
[*]With unordered nesting
Tip: Use the 'Indent' button to create nested lists. To 'escape' from adding further points to a list, press enter twice (or more when escaping from nested lists).

Embedded media sites

Content from supported media sites that embed into forum posts also work on wiki pages, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, and many others. Clicking the media editor button (this looks like a segment of film) will display a list of supported media sites.

For example, the following link:
Turns into this:


Wiki Formatting

In addition to basic formatting, there are a few bbcodes unique to the wiki to help format a wiki page. These codes do not render inside of the rich editor, however you can get a sense for what they look like by previewing your wiki page edit revision. At the time of editing, click the green "Preview" button found beneath the editing box and your edits will be rendered on your screen only above the editor area. If you are happy with how it looks remember to save your edit.


[H]Default (Level 2) Heading[/H]
[H="3"](Level 3 Sub-heading[/H]
[H="4"](Level 4 Sub-heading[/H]
Note: Headings may nest down as far as Level 6. The Level 1 heading is reserved for the wiki page title and this is added as the first item on a page automatically.

The simplest wiki link will insert the linked page title, but you can also specify your own text
Basic link: AusChristmasLighting 101
Custom text: Get started with the 101 manual
Basic link: [wiki]Page Name[/wiki]
Custom text: [wiki="Page Name"]Alternate text[/wiki]


Creating tables can be a little tedious as you'll need to preview your wiki edits to see what the table looks like. They are however made of only a few different puzzle pieces as detailed below.

Table Syntax Explained

Note: Each line must start on a new row

A basic table cell must start with "|".
| Cell text
A header cell uses "!" instead.
! Header 1
Use "|-" to start a new row.
| Previous Row
| Next Row
Use "|+" to display an optional table caption.
|+ My Table is Awesome

Table Syntax Example

Optional caption
Header 1Header 2
Line 1 Cell 1Line 1 Cell 2
Line 2 Cell 1Line 2 Cell 2
|+ Optional caption
! Header 1
! Header 2
| Line 1 Cell 1
| Line 1 Cell 2
| Line 2 Cell 1
| Line 2 Cell 2

Horizontal Rule (divider)


File attachments

File attachments can be images, or selected non-image formats. To add an attachment to a wiki page use the yellow "File" editor button. You can add an existing wiki file attachment or upload a new one.

Here are some usage example with and without the optional parameters:
[file]Name-of-file.jpg[/file] This will display a full size image.
[file]Name-of-file.jpg|120px|thumb[/file] This will display a 120px thumbnail which when clicked goes to a page with the full size image.
[file]Name-of-file.jpg|60px|right|border|thumb|some caption text[/file] This will display a 60px thumbnail floating on the righthand side with text wrapping around it and when clicked will go to a page with the full size image.
In addition to common image formats, the following file extensions are permitted:
csv, doc, docx, hex, las, lee, lms, lpf, pdf, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, stl, tim, txt, vix, xls, xlsx, xml, xmodel, xtiming


To make things easier, the wiki has a range of template pages that can be inserted into pages time and time again. For example, the following code renders an info message that might be useful if a page section is empty.

This section is currently empty. If you think you can add relevant details here then please do.
Templates can also use other templates. The above example is actually a customised version of the Fmbox message template which will display other kinds of messages with the right parameters:

Water and electricity don't mix.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Water and electricity don't mix.|type=warning|icon=bath[/template]
Most templates live in the Templates sub-area under the Wiki Pages area. See