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An interface converts from one data type to another. It could be a USB to DMX dongle, an Ethernet to DMX unit, or a DMX to SPI unit.

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USB to DMX512

USB DMX dongles are commonly used in conjunction with PC software to output a single universe (512 channels) of DMX.

FTDI drivers for dongles:

Ethernet (E1.31) to DMX512

Ethernet (E1.31) to SPI

Ethernet (E1.31) playback device

  • Falcon Player software is designed to transmit a show from a source file, it runs on Linux Operating system, but do not let that put you off. The installation is simple, it comes with a web interface for configuration so you do not need to know Linux. It is designed to run on a Single Board Computer (From AU$40). It run on Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and can be ported to other Linux based single board computers. Under FPP (Falcon Player) you can control devices via E1.31, via USB dongles (for DMX, Renard or Pixelnet) or via a number of capes like the Octoscroller for controlling P10 panels.

DMX512 to SPI

These interfaces accept a DMX input and typically drive one or more pixel strings.

DMX512 to Servo

These interfaces accept a DMX input and typically drive one or more RC servos.

DMX512 to RF

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