Snow machines

What are snow machines?
Snow machines create a falling snow effect with foam/bubble blown into the air.
They typically use a soap based liquid and blow tinny bubbles through a 'sock' at the nozzle.

Internal parts:

The blower in cheap units is often a vacuum cleaner blower motor inside of a plastic housing.
These draw air through ventilation gaps on the unit and blow into a fabric 'sock'.

Pumps in these are generally what fails first.
The pumps are typically solenoid pumps which use a piston to move the fluid.

At the inlet of the pump is a hose originating from inside the fluid tank. This typically has a small brass filter at the end.

This brass filters are typically known under the terms;
  • "Pneumatic Brass filter"
  • "Brass air silencers"
  • "Pneumatic muffler filter"
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