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|name = Hanselec
|title = Hanson Electronics [url=http://www.hansonelectronics.com.au/]website[/url]
|group1 = DC Controllers (DMX512 In)
|list1 = [wiki]AAHmega60[/wiki] ([wiki="AAHmega60/Updating"]Updating[/wiki]) · [wiki]DMX36[/wiki] · [wiki]DMX18[/wiki]
|group2 = DC Controllers (SPI In)
|list2 = [u]2811 to DC[/u]: [wiki]2811DC30[/wiki] · [wiki]2811DC15[/wiki] · [u]2801 to DC[/u]: [wiki]2801DC30[/wiki] · [wiki]2801DC15[/wiki]
|group3 = DC Controllers (2 wire/2 channel)
|list3 = [u]DMX512 to DC[/u]: [wiki]DMX2-30[/wiki] · [wiki]DMX2-18[/wiki] · [u]2811 to DC[/u]: [wiki]2811DC2-30[/wiki]
|group4 = FPP Device Capes
|list4 = [u]Pi[/u]: [wiki]PI36[/wiki] · [wiki]rPI-28D[/wiki] · [wiki]rPI-P10[/wiki] · [u]BBB[/u]: [wiki]Octoscrolla[/wiki] · [wiki]HE123[/wiki]

|belowstyle = background:#3D5354;
|below =
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