2 day Christmas Light show setup time-lapse (Nov 2021)

A 2 day time lapse video of the setup of my display in November 2021.
Disclaimer: A lot of effort went into the setup prior to the days where I set up in the yard. E.g. Mounts installed, props checked & tested, etc. I do this so that the setup days can be as quick and error-free as possible
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Well done. It takes me two days just to get my "Stuff" out of storage.
I like the Santa sleigh and reindeer !
How do you get on with mowing the Lawn?
I have 30 1 mtr high deer, 3 x trees and 1 x 2 mtr high deer I need to move to cut the couch turf 3 times a week.
This season will see the use of a turf growth regulator.

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