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    Hobart/Tas Tas Mini 2021

    Good ONYA guy's, Top effort, Should be a great little Mini :thumbsup: ...
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    Hobart/Tas Tas Mini 2021

    :unsure: :cool: :thumbsup:
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    Tassie Mini 2021

    Singing Faces. Moving Heads. Sequencing for Dummies. P10 Panels.. :unsure: ;) Prop builds.
  4. Sleigh Ride

    Sleigh Ride (2020)

    Just a short video, only one we had, of decent quality.
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    HE123-RX Receiver

    Good choice I have a 2400pix tree running off 1 of them. :thumbsup:
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    Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 360 100W LED Moving Head First Impressions

    Here is one to have a look at.. Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is led spot 250 gobo wedding party uplights Sharpy party spotlights club LED moving head spot 250W 3 in 1 zoom moving head light (
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    New Member in Tasmania

    G'day & welcome, Pop in to see us up in New Norfolk. If your up this way, & we can have a chat.. :thumbsup:
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    Help needed please - advice on wiring

    RE-Watch & absorb what bill Porter has to say, just wait until the penny drops. All Good.. :unsure: :thumbsup:
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    Help needed please - advice on wiring

    Dude WHY ? I do it like that No Probs. View:
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    i think i am close but.....

    Try to avoid DHCP, unless you leave everything running. If you turn the Pi or the controller off the router may give out those ip addy's to something else. I have a small switch and plug everything into that, Static ip addy's on all devices. Yet still allow the pi access to wifi, which I leave...
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    Sorry!! But another arch base question

    Also check out the Ally tube, great for the bottom spreader bar, Just squash the end in the vise. :thumbsup:
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    Newbie from Orange County, CA

    G'day Gary, Best advice. Become a sponge, read, watch. absorb. It is a steep learning curve. All the best mate.. :thumbsup:
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    arduino ac conecction for xlights

    I thought the same as Mark_M. I cut my LED teeth with Arduino, my advice would be to talk to Keith Westley, he maybe able to point you in the right direction..