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    What Camera do you use to record your show ??

    That aura glow around the lights is often a symptom of a dirty lens. My money is on a finger print on the lens.
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    Help with update on lights

    Hi, Yes, you can use WLED with xLights. I did my first show last year which was running 6x ESP32 with WLED and 5V WS2812B LED Strips for the house outline . You can control them via the App but you get way more control using xlights and a scheduler. Didn't do much fancy to get it working...
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    Where to purchase cable?

    Fair call. Thanks. Will take your advise.
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    Where to purchase cable?

    Just a thought following on from using AC extension cables. Is there any reason to not cut off the plug and socket and just use them as is? Could put a AC GPO outlet on the controller housing to connect it to? (Data instead of earth) Obviously ensure they don't get mixed up by using a red...
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    Are these LED strip pixel lights? (What are they?)

    Conduit. I'm only a newbie so haven't got the experience of many of these guys, but attaching strips to conduit with cable ties worked great for me last year. I cut 100mm sections of the same conduit in a bit less than half long ways to make a clip. So all my conduit strips can be clipped...
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    Just a follow up idea i had for roof tile mounting

    Thanks for sharing. Great idea! I think it will work well sitting on top of my brick fence. Thinking maybe attached to a 4'x2' and simply lay it down. Keeps it portable/temporary (will tie it down somehow to stop it walking away of course)
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    Where to purchase cable?

    With 20/20 hindsight, see
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    Where to purchase cable?

    Yes, of course! I bet everyone is doing that. Feel a bit silly I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Thank You!
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    Where to purchase cable?

    Hi friends, I see a lot of topics around where to buy the pixels from, but I would like to know if people have found a good place to buy cable. It is expensive so other peoples experiences would be greatly appreciated. Do you just buy bulk in a single gauge and use it for everything? What...
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    Finally.. it's done for 2019

    Very late reply but in case it helps still, I think the buttons you need are the "Paste by Time" or "Paste by Cell"
  11. Let it Go by Frozen

    Let it Go by Frozen (2020)

    First year for a show. (start video at 30sec) 1500 LEDs using WLED and xLights on D1 mini's. House outline and arches.
  12. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

    Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. (2020)

    First try. Early Access. Leaping Arches don't have a home yet. 6x D1mini with WLED and Xlights.
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    Second monitor not displaying layout and sequencer

    I have seen that. I just rendered it again and it came back. Hope is that simple for you too.
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    Hi From Sydney, AU

    Thanks! I thought it only fair as I have read and learned a lot from ACL before actually joining/starting. Been wanting to try a show for years, but now my daughter is old enough to enjoy, it was the extra motivation to actually start.