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    matrix suggestions??

    Hi guys, Thinking of doing a matrix. looking at options, it's 4m X 500. is this something that would be suited to just using p5 panels or can I do it with pixels??
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    trellis wireframe at Bunnings

    Spotted these at Bunnings the other day.. looked like an interesting wireframe. has anybody done anything with these?? I like the low profile could use them hard up against the fence.
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    multimeter suggestions

    the Bluetooth is a data connection to a phone/ device to be used as an additional display/remote display.. that feature is badass.. so is the logging onto SD card.. so way overkill for this hobby, if I was still in the 12v automotive industry I'd be looking for a reason not to buy this right away..
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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    ok that makes sense DJ, your right up on the far outer edge of your gutter.. I think that's going to be my solution as well. I have at least 4 maybe 5 (can't remember without going outside) that are in the way of my gutter outlines.. I have another one right on the front pillar which I will have...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 buy

    Mine Arrived on Friday, Thank you so much Darryl, I understand how much work goes into getting this organised.. Now I have a controller here I really need to get the rest of my stuff organised and get started!!
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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    I like it Dreamin.. I'm now thinking that i need to add a 3d printer to my list of things to buy.. lol one question that I've been considering when looking at mounting on my gutters/facias/eves is how do you guys deal with downpipes?? Do you stop and start either side of the downpipe or run...
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    Starting out, projector alternative to matrix??

    Yeah thats the one DJ. it was an impulse buy at Bunnings after Christmas.. I think I paid 22.50 for it so I'm not super attached to it.. I normally set it up in one of my front rooms and use it as a rear projection onto the included screen.. it works ok, but as that room doesn't have any doors...
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    Starting out, projector alternative to matrix??

    Hey guys, Just looking at some options in relation to signing faces/ matrix / mega tree elements that many of you have I'm not sure that I'm ready to get that far this year and maybe a Data projector is an easier solution to start with and look to bring in some of those elements next year?? I...
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    Cabling and fuses

    One thing to remember the length off the cable will change the current capacity or the cable.. A longer run will reduce the current capacity, however a shorter run will Increase that capacity.. If your running cable inside an enclosure and you use a decent size you should be fine.. 10 or 12ga...
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    multimeter suggestions

    range hold.. yes i forgot too..
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    multimeter suggestions

    You can't test data with a multi meter (need a scope for that), but the ability to chuck a meter on the end of a string and see if data is passing out is useful I would imagine.. You would test the front of the string and compare it to the back.. You should see something fairly similar voltages...
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    multimeter suggestions

    Hey guys, another annoying question.. Looking for a new multimeter.. sold all my good gear years ago.. but to be honest I prefer old-school style multimeters eg. manual range adjustment. I'm not a fan of auto ranging ones.. mainly because they cannot be used for fault finding data lines...
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    Disco Party lights (Increasing ROI for WAF)

    I'd suggest using your pixels a little more static, and using some DJ style lights to do the music sense.. Some Gobos and a laser?? maybe a smoke machine?? All of these things can be purposed into your show.. I'm looking at some programmable lasers at the moment.. I can use them to draw designs...
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    Butane Soldering Iron Advice

    Working in car audio I have used many irons over the years.. Butane Weller's are great can be bought for 120-200 bucks depending on model.. Check that you can buy replacement tips one model "the baby one can't remember the name of it" is hard to get parts for the larger one is available online...
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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    Hey guys, Just a thought... have been listening to the professional tryers podcast.. one of the guests had their entore display on their roof and was discussing securing props.. he used "sandbags" on the legs to secure them.. why couldnt you have a "leg" at 90 degrees to the string and just use...