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    where are Da Lights....??

    where are Da Lights....??
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    Strips or Bullets for a Mega Tree?

    I use bullets, unless you are doing a 12x or 16x strip tree. My 2014 walk through shows how to build a pixel tree with 1/4 inch irrigation hose and pixel clips. Most folks use the Boscoyo method. -Blu
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    Feeling disappointed

    All, As I was taking down my display, I got to thinking, and came to the conclusion that not only am I doing this because I want to, because I enjoy seeing the smiles on others faces, but because this is art. And my Art is like no other. Therefore I have to keep going. Thanks for all your...
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    Feeling disappointed

    All, As many of you are aware I have been doing shows for 9+ years now. Going through transitions from Wowlights, LOR to Xlights and LED's. I like the hobby and love to sequence and build props that can move around without Power Injection. This year, like others I submitted the greatest...
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    The Baby Shark Challange - Lets not get to stressed about our Display

    sometimes it pays to be silent and well hidden :unsure:
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    Hello from California

    Welcome to ACL, I am also in California. you came to the right place for info.
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    1st of all it has been a long time since I posted on this thread...1st time in 2018 for that matter. 1st to congratulate you on 25 years ...
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    What's wanted

    I know this is a long shot, but I still want a simple E1.31 based dumb controller. :unsure:
  9. Light of Christmas by Owl City

    Light of Christmas by Owl City (2017)

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    rPi-28D manual, video and cheap postage

    nice little board. could use this to power some pixels on an indoor tree :)
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    Hello From Redding California

    Hi Bob, welcome to ACL ....this is the best place to learn and get info. I am in the Bay Area myself. Jump into Chat and ask questions, there are lots of people here to help.
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    Hello from Tejas!

    Welcome to ACL, Jump into ACL chat, a great place to ask questions, get to know people and increase the blinky knowledge.
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    To net or not to net that is the question

    Ray Wu makes some nice pixel nets. A bit pricey but worth it in my opinion. I picked up 4 of them and put 2 in use so far. Looking to add in a few more.
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    Just starting off and hoping for some help & advice!

    Welcome to ACL, Feel free to jump into chat throughout the year. Many of us here plan and make changes constantly. This site is a great place to learn and get started.
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    Walk Behind 2017

    Nice Dan, and to think you have only half of what Shell has :p We have to have a mini get together this year. ;)