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    Brisbane/Qld Qld Ipswich Christmas Mini - May 18-19 2019

    Sadly I cannot make the Brisbane Mini this time - I have removed my registration to free up 2 spaces for someone else.
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    Brisbane/Qld Qld Ipswich Christmas Mini - April 21-22 2018

    Big thank you to Geoff and his family for hosting us at his home. Can't wait to get out to Karalee in December and see your display. Thanks to all the presenters and sponsors. This was the best Mini I've been to and great to meet our interstate visitors and those from across the ditch. My missus...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2018 buy CLOSED

    Hey Daryl 2 x Falcon F16v2/F16v3 Differential Expansion Board w/ribbon cable 8 x Falcon F16v2/F16v3 4-String Differential Receiver Board
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    Brisbane/Qld Qld Ipswich Christmas Mini - April 21-22 2018

    Late April works for me too.
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    Power Control PCB For ACL Mk3 Strobe Strings

    I'd like 3 in your next production run please David
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 E1.31 pixel controller 2017 buy CLOSED

    Hi DarylJust one Falcon F16v3 Pixel Controller US$200.00 + shipping for me too please Thanks for arranging the buy once again David
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    Tune-to controller for P10 panel

    Payment sent thanks David
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    Tune-to controller for P10 panel

    Loved your demo at the mini David I'll take 2 with the long ribbon cable too.
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    Brisbane/Qld Brisbane/Gold Coast Mini 2016 April 30- May 1st

    Thanks for organising another great mini SuperSteve Really enjoyed hearing our guest presenters, especially Fing joining us from interstate. Have now got many of my technical questions answered. Looking forward to some late night coffee with my Raspberry Pi :P
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    Closed Falcon F16v2 E1.31 pixel controller 2016 buy CLOSED

    Mine arrived this morning too! Very exciting :P Thanks Daryl & Dave P
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    Fings Singing Faces

    Absolutely awesome Fing!!! Very interested in your build details/photos as your depth of colour really makes them POP :D
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    What do you build your mega tree out of?

    You could try best things since sliced bread :P Although the USPS flat rate postage boxes to get them here are not cheap :o I missed the bulk buy last year, so I ordered some recently - the freight cost...
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    First order with Ray Wu, any advice?

    I recommend you get your order to Ray ASAP. He will be closed for Chinese New Year from 31 January to 15 February. In my experience it takes around a week from confirmation of his Proforma Invoice/payment to despatch so if your order is not in Ray's hands this week you may not see your blinky...
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    Options for megatree lights

    Hi Daryl I'm also planning a pixel tree using the boscoyo black strips after seeing couple built this season. If you are interested in sharing a box, I'll make some enquiries and get back to you. My preference is the square nodes because of the light that reflects into the back of the node...