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    Computer power supplies

    o fair enough. sned one though of the whole box if you can. :)
  2. christmassparky

    Computer power supplies

    c can you send me a picture of this? trying to find some now, as i would rather alot more juice and not worry about having to run more power
  3. christmassparky

    Computer power supplies

    they look perfect. how long have they lasted? how have your wired these up?
  4. christmassparky

    Computer power supplies

    where do you rip these out of? if im to buy say second hand? as a sparky i have access to trade accounts so thought this would be a better cost effective way
  5. christmassparky

    WONT HAVE ANYTHING UP 2019 Christmas :(

    WONT HAVE ANYTHING UP 2019 Christmas :(
  6. christmassparky

    Christmas Sparky hello

    Hi guys... the love of lights as a career has LED (pun intended) me to an expensive yet satisfying hobby... I will be diving deep into it for a display ready for 2019 christmas and followed on for Australia Day 2020... I live in Victoria. In the eastern of the yarra valley!! A lot of great...