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    P10 Panel Brackets

    Yep :)
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    P10 Panel Brackets

    Yes i can post (will come thru auspost), pricing hasn't changed.
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    P10 Panel Brackets

    Yes i can
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    P10 Panel Brackets

    Yeah i can still make these, i only supply brackets not screws.
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    Faulty 3 Wire Waterproof Pigtail Connector

    i have had 2-3 3 pin pigtails that have had crossed pins, but that was a couple of years ago now.
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    Hi from Melbourne

    what do you want to control? most of the controllers come as a built board that you would put in some sort of box and wire up. Have you read the 101 manual?? if not go and read it here, very worth the read.
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    What's your background? (you mean there's more to life than blinky?!)

    Alrighty, Pretty boring story from me :) i have always been into computers and to some point xmas lights as my father used to put them up at home, he managed to score an old plc from work that had been de-commissioned and that is where my first blinky started. Finished year 12, got my...
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    P10 Panel Brackets

    Yes my shark is called steve, getting him to follow instructions can be difficult but it seems to work... :) i have a 50w 500mm x 300mm Chinese one at the moment, looking at a larger one at some stage in the future.
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    P10 Panel Brackets

    yeah these are still availbale, send me a pm with what you want and ill get back to you asap.
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    Vote for me to please.

    Cheers all, Voted for you Alec and Ron :)
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    Vote for me to please.

    Boo, Vote for me ;) Alec stay away.... ;D
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    Beginning my journey

    i get 305m drums of it from my local electrical retailer
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    Ready to throw in the towel for this year

    Hey bud, I'm not having a much better year with my lights, with a new baby in the house and heaps going on at work time has been rather slim due to having to work weekends that i would normally have off. started with my mega tree, i had 2 strips that needed replacing from last year so i did...
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    led controllers

    if you post a picture of the front and the back of your control board we should be able to tell you what you need to bridge.
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    E1.31(sACN) to 4* DMX Interface

    have you got the output enabled in xlights?