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    Ray Wu - In spreadsheet form

    Just wanted to say thanks for this. For a Pixel novice this has been a godsend for me starting to plan and budget for 2015!
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    New to DC

    OK, thanks for the link - yes it worked and now I remember your setup from when I read about it previously. I must admit to have been curious in the past as to whether the AC controllers would run on a 24V AC feed instead of 240V. Great to see that someone has tried it (more ideas now for...
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    Introducing Light-O-Rama @ 240V AC

    The Light-O-Rama control system can be operated at 240V AC, however there are some points for consideration when you do so: What lights are you going to drive with it? How do you keep everything safe? - REMEMBER 240V AC CAN KILL What are some of the limitations? How can I stop my...
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    Hi There from Mawson Lakes

    Welcome Rob! Where in Mawson Lakes are you? I knew of Geoffrey in Hamilton Pl who did a completely home grown control system but hadnt realised there was another LOR user in the area as well? Regards, Grant
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    Introducing Light-O-Rama Christmas Light Control Systems

    Hello Everyone! This topic is intended to provide beginners a place to ask questions when starting out navigating the maze that is musical and sequenced Christmas lighting using Light-O-Rama products. Who is Light-O-Rama? - They are a company based in New York state in the USA that makes...
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    What type of power supplies?

    Eddy, Yes - a central supply does have that drawback. Thats why I sourced N+1 worth to drive my rig :-) I wouldnt advocate anyone do what I did unless you did have the redundant power supply on hand as it is game over if it fails.
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    What type of power supplies?

    The cable thickness causing volt drop issue is only a visible concern within your rig up until the point where there are multiple channels worth of current flowing through one cable - i.e. between a power supply and the controller. After you have passed the controller, what happens on other...
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    What type of power supplies?

    Another option you can consider (although they are harder to find) is to go for the big high current switchmode supplies sometimes found in telephone PABX and commercial radio installations. I have managed to source mostly at amateur radio junk sales some 60A 24V supplies (~1.5kW) and have a...
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    New to DC

    Alan, Having started out with DC I can say that it is certainly the cheaper and safer way to go compared to running 240V AC everywhere. As to where to start, that depends on what LED lights you source. I have seen some retailers (the specialty Christmas ones) selling monochromatic 24V DC LED...
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    Hi from Highbury, South Australia

    Hi Folks, My name is Grant and have been running Christmas lights for 5 years now, 3 of them with Light-O-Rama. I started out with a self designed switching controller that was a bit steam powered (relays driven from a 24 port I/O card and some C code) and have grown the display into ~150...
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    Lights staying on after a show

    Daunce, I have the same effect here and it is definitely water sitting in the lights. Easiest way to test - forget to turn the automatic sprinklers off and accidentally give the rig a soak :) We haven't had as much rain as the eastern states but we have had some here in Adelaide and that too...
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    Welcome to AussieLOR - What forums/discussions are desired?

    Phil, I think a LOR sequencing and software tips section would be a good one as well.
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    New Sister Video forum on Vimeo for AusChristmasLighting

    Hi Everyone! As the Aussie Light-O-Rama google groups discussion group is winding up and migrating to AusChristmasLighting, there was a need to also manage an orderly translation of the Aussie-LOR Vimeo sister group as well! After contacting AussiePhil, it was agreed that we would also migrate...
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    Setting up a Christmas Display Video 101 - A Must View if Your New

    Re: Setting up a Christmas Display Video 101 - A Must Veiw if Your New As the producer of the video I think it is fair to say that yes it is not that uncommon. Cheap lights are usually only found in the department stores and they are all geared to having their own built in controllers...