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Jun 15, 2010
Highbury, South Australia
Hi Folks,

My name is Grant and have been running Christmas lights for 5 years now, 3 of them with Light-O-Rama.

I started out with a self designed switching controller that was a bit steam powered (relays driven from a 24 port I/O card and some C code) and have grown the display into ~150 channels of LOR. While part of the fun has been the control system, I elected to go LOR as it was faster than designing my own from the ground up and didn't need me to load all my own circuit boards :) (I wanted to spent more time building decorations that controllers).

Having said that I chose a middle ground route where there was still a fair amount of DIY lights construction and modification as I went for mostly DC controllers. This meant a lot of work modifying light strings to adapt them to a DC supply and to remove their pesky internal controllers.

You can see more of my lights at http://christmas.darkeyrie.net/ and find information on how I built them at http://christmas.darkeyrie.net/howitwasdone/construction.html which includes a video tutorial I put together.

In the last 12 months I have also been a part time moderator of the Aussie Light-O-Rama Google Groups forum which has now migrated here to ACL. I have been asked to continue that role and am happy to do so for the time being now that David has hung up his moderator keyboard on the old forum.

I also created and moderate the Vimeo sister group for hosting all of your videos which you wish to post. You can access the Vimeo group here: http://vimeo.com/groups/auschristmaslighting/

If I can help people with advice etc I am happy to do so. Other activities outside of Christmas Lights sometimes slow my responses down so if I don't reply straight away, please have a little patience. I will admit my other major interest presently is film making and Amateur Radio, which puts up stiff competition to my lights at present both for time and funding :)

Hoping to meet more of you here and see many of the people from the original LOR forum move across as well!

Grant VK5GR


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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
Welcom Grant to ACL, I know you will be a valuable member and moderator to these forums with your knowledge and experience. The video that you created was a great effort and I remember asking if we could post that here, which you allowed (Many Thanks) and im sure its helped many members starting out.
I think it was a great decision for the Aussie LOR google group to move to to these forums so there is one home for all Aussies. Already some of the group members are seeing the advantage of this move by seeing and learning about other options within this hobby.
I myself was a LOR user in 2009 and then i gained the confidence to then move into DIY for 2010. It is a natural progression for many members to start out with LOR and then move into DIY, the great thing with LOR is that the controllers can be used in DMX and a such can continue to be a major part of the display