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    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    ohhh, I would like 5x reciever boards for my f48 please
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    Newbie wanting to start

    Hey Bighorse, just did my first display this year and stumbled through a few issues, but got there. I must admit that it is a time consuming hobby and I didn't really appreciate the time, effort and planning, but oh so worth it standing on the corner with a beer watching our display for the...
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    Lightning and WS2811

    so, my tally for Christmas eve's storm is 20 pixels (as Ben stated - cut the first 2 pixels off each string lost) and I lost 2 ports from 1 receiver.... not to bad back up and going after 5 hours sitting in the sun at 36'C Christmas day, testing each string and with a pair of scissors...
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    Lightning and WS2811

    Hey All, today pretty nasty storm went over, lightning everywhere and a strike almost hit my home. My wife called me and said that the lights flashed on and off. So....... looks like I have lost 6 christmas trees and a strip. After a close inspection of the set up it isn't the falcon, or the...
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    Comment by 'deanneat' in album 'falcon f48'

    yep successful show, no crash at all :)
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    Comment by 'deanneat' in album 'falcon f48'

    @darylc @lithgowlights the upgrade to 2.55 fixed it by the looks :) thanks for the advice
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    Comment by 'deanneat' in album 'falcon f48'

    I have tried the both eth0 & eth1 - both do the same will do the flash and see how I go - will update tonight when I get home and report :)
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    Comment by 'deanneat' in album 'falcon f48'

    the web interface was working last night when I went to bed, I left xshedule 64 (latest version) handshaking to the falcon, the web interface photo was taken before bed, this morning I took the 2 photos after refreshing the web interface and a picture of Xshedule 64 reporting the failures
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    Comment by 'deanneat' in album 'falcon f48'

    Hey there Question 1, brand new, opened from a packet Question 2, my main router - has the computer connected to it which accesses the web interface Question 3, turned on, waited for the ip to show on the small LCD, still shows on the falcon - is a static ip on the falcon -...
  10. falcon f48

    falcon f48

    my issues
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    site cant be reached.PNG

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    first christmas display.......

    Well - weeks of bloody hard work, sequencing, building, testing, proving, testing again - it is up and going. I have 250 pixels on the gutters, 4 lots of 3x90 on the building structures, and 10 mini Christmas trees with 180 pixels all running with the falcon 48 and 4 receiver boards. This small...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2019 buy

    Thank you Daryl - all hardware arrived :)