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    I have not tried but I would suggest it could very very effective. If you consider many people’s choice for leaping arches which are usually done through diffused tubing.
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    How do you power down your controller box?

    Ok. I just wasn’t sure if there was a shut down sequence for the falcon. I will connect my rasberry Pi to a seperate circuit then. Cheers!
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    How do you power down your controller box?

    How do you guys power down your controller box at the end of the night? I assume you use a timer on the 240v plug which turns off power supplies. How do go about powering off the falcon f16v3 safely?
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    5v Fan to suit F16V3

    Fair enough.
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    5v Fan to suit F16V3

    What is the difference between that and just wiring it direct to one of your PSU’s?
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    IP65 Enclosure Case - Bunnings - $47 (325Wx415Lx180H)

    I have also just gotten one of those cases. Very solid. Looking forward to getting my box set up
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    First order of pixels, need advice.

    I contact Paul Zhang directly via Facebook messenger. He gives me a much better deal than going through aliexpress.
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    Music mixing & editing

    Hi there. Yes I could certainly use your services. I will start gathering some song choices
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    Mounting fascia board matrix

    What is the matrix made from? Is that P5 panels?
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    cable joints

    Scotch links were designed for joining phone lines
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    First Pixel Order

    I will doing my order with Paul. Much better prices although I did not go back to Ray to get him to reprice. Truth be told, they are probably coming from the same factory
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    Connecting multiple power supplies together

    Thanks for the confidence! Lol! Appreciate your input. Thank you
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    Raspberry Pi 3 running from Ethernet

    Yes and that’s what I want to do. But it seems from the above posts that when I connect my Ethernet cable from my router/switch to the Pi, I no longer a have spare port to connect to the falcon without running a whole new cable back to my router/switch. Sorry for the back and forth. Just a tad...
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    Raspberry Pi 3 running from Ethernet

    I have central router in my home already which is 20 metres away from where my controller box will be. I was hoping to just upload files to the Pi using Ethernet rather than wifi. I thought the Ethernet connection on the Pi could just connect straight to the falcon. I didn’t realise both devices...
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    Raspberry Pi 3 running from Ethernet

    Oh......I see. That’s a whole lot of extra wiring. Maybe I might have to just use wifi