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  1. Dez

    How to remove Mega Tree from your roof (Too much ??)

    Haha. Made me laugh. Don’t do things by halves they say!.
  2. Dez

    Are these strings from Ray a good starting point?

    Damm. Looking for a good price on 12 volt. They are 5 volt
  3. Dez

    Brisbane/Qld QLD Mini - Ipswich, June 6-7

    Yes very happy with your shed again Geoff. It was great last year. With a small shuffle I’m sure we could fit in a few extras
  4. Dez

    Is this cable overkill?

    Thanks David. I will look into that cable. Looks promising
  5. Dez

    Is this cable overkill?

    Thanks will check it out
  6. Dez

    Is this cable overkill?

    Hey everyone. I know there is a lot of talk on here on different cables people use but I have never seen anything on this before. For power injection, I was considering using 3 core 240V 2.5mm2 cable which is the normal stuff you would see in house wiring. It’s heavy duty and would not lose...
  7. Dez

    Typical spacing of pixel lights

    I will be custom making my props on the house and I will use a 60mm spacing. For objects closer to the road I use 50mm
  8. Dez

    Soldering strips - what size wire?

    Yes I can definitely say a clean soldering iron helps. I also have wondered about using flux?
  9. Dez

    An Aussie win

    Well done on your success. Thanks for sharing
  10. Dez

    Queensland Regents Park

    Friends don’t let friends use strip! LOL!
  11. Dez

    Music mixing & editing

    You still offering this service?
  12. Dez

    Hi from Qld

    Hey welcome here.
  13. Dez

    any ideas on song choices for 2019

    This song is a hit. I might give it a go. View: https://youtu.be/gUcisIlT7sM
  14. Dez

    Arrow.com Power Supplies

    I assume these are much better quality than the Chinese ones? Have you had issues with the Chinese ones?
  15. Dez

    5v WS2811 deals

    I will check out color stop on eBay. I am also getting a price from Paul Zhang. Anyone else used him?