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    Pigtail type - which do you use and what is most readily available

    I use ray wu with no issues. You can buy a converter to go from one to the other also
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    12V Resistor and 12V Regulated WS2811 Pixels

    I see on the Facebook x lights group The majority of people that have had pixel fires or melt downs have been caused by regulated rather than resistor pixels. The maths seems to suggest otherwise. Does anyone else have a similar experience?
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    Ants In Controller Boxes

    I have had success with spraying the outsides of boxes with a long lasting surface spray and then leaving a 600ml plastic drink bottle beside the box with the following mixture inside: 1 cup white sugar 1/3 cup of borax 1 cup of hot water Dissolve together and put the lid on and make a few...
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    Hey eveyone,

    Welcome here Johnno!
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    New from Brisbane!

    Welcome here. I might come and look at your display also David
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    New Here from South east Queensland

    Welcome here. Looking forward to chatting soon
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    How to shut down a rasberry Pi

    I actually decided to leave my rasberry Pi on a seperate supply and I leave it running.
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    Closed The end of AusChristmasLighting Falcon buys

    Thanks mate for spending hundreds of hours doing this. We all appreciate it very much!
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    Powering a raspberry pi 4

    My Pi came with a plug for a standard power point. I split the wires coming in from 240V to power the power supplies and it hooked it up to a standard power point.
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    Daisy chaining props or multi string props

    I got caught out also as the controller defaulted to 100 pixels.
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    Hi to everyone

    Welcome here. Definitely take a good look at the 101 manual. I read it three times before I started. I’m not familiar with light o Rama but there are lots in this group that can help you get started. Enjoy!
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    Di electric grease?

    I have waterproof connectors so maybe I will give it a miss
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    Gemmy 5ft Santa (Help Needed)

    Hey @Chinwonder2 i have exactly the same Santa and he doesn’t work either. Music works but no movement
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    Pixels stopping 2/3 along the string

    Might be a dead pixel. Be sure to replace the one before the dead one and test