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  1. djgra79

    Hi :) New to this group :)

    Welcome to ACL! Make sure to read the 101 manual as a starting point and go from there. I like your selfie elfie stand, I may just copy that!
  2. djgra79

    Standing up the snowflakes and singing faces

    I would have thought ziptie mounts would not be strong enough with the wind on those props, but apparently not, nice!
  3. djgra79

    Wireless DMX

    What application are you thinking of using wireless? The other thing to consider is power. Whilst you might be able to use wireless DMX system to get the data to the item/fixture, does the item/fixture itself need power cable to it? If so, why not just runa data cable along with it as it is most...
  4. djgra79

    xLights sharing: sequences

    I started working on one for 2019 but never really finished it. Now that I'll have a sleigh and reindeer props on my roof, I will make sure to finish for this year!
  5. djgra79

    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    Shipping from Aus to NZ is going to be cheaper than US to NZ. 16 outputs offers better future expansion possibilities for your show, and is probably the most popular controller in the hobby with huge amount of support if needed.
  6. djgra79

    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    March buy, delivery May/June as stated on the first page https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/falcon-f16v3-f48-e1-31-pixel-controller-2020-interest-thread.11963/#post-106212
  7. djgra79

    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020

    Will depend on venue availability as to when it will be held. Many dates around May already filling up with other states minis and sometimes interstate guests want to attend both. Last year cost was $15 per person, per day. May come down to venue costs.
  8. djgra79

    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020

    Last year we had about 30 but no room to display items for display or selling, so need more room to move would be great, plus a place with a projector and tables/chairs would be ideal.
  9. djgra79

    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020

    So, no-one wants a Melb mini then??
  10. djgra79

    Are these strings from Ray a good starting point?

    Email him direct. ray@rita-light.com Dont forget connectors/pigtails too :)
  11. djgra79

    Are these strings from Ray a good starting point?

    Yep, bought 1300 of these already this year, will buy more!
  12. djgra79

    Have I got everything covered?

    Order spares of everything. Spare P10s are easy enough to swap out and if from same batch, more likely to be colour matched. Spare PSU(s) (no power = no lights) Spare nodes/strip again for easy repair. Budget may not stretch to spare controller but nice to have a backup of something at least...
  13. djgra79

    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    Shane this thread is for interest only so Daryl can get indicative numbers of demand of each of the boards to be offered. Pricing and postage details will all be posted in March as stated on the opening posts :)
  14. djgra79

    Busy Last Week -- Time Lapse

    Nice! I too have copied all the files from my cams, just need to get around to doing the same thing!
  15. djgra79

    Australian Distributors

    Where exactly do you mean by mainland? You're located in the UK correct? The above links may not be best for your local area, postage will be an issue